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Mozilla WebThings

An open platform for monitoring and controlling devices over the web. The… 

  • 2.9K
  • 81


The Open Source Controller. is an IoT automation controller… 

  • 1.5K
  • 82


Open-source distributed ledger protocol for IoT. Uses a directed acyclic graph… 

  • 4K
  • 82


Pimatic is a home automation framework that runs on node.js. It provides a… 

  • 2.8K
  • 134

Thingsboard IoT Gateway

Open-source IoT Gateway – integrates devices connected to legacy and… 

  • 3.8K
  • 105

Lightweight MQTT Machine Network

LWMQN is an open source project that follows part of OMA LWM2M… 

  • 1.7K
  • 97

Home Assistant

Home Assistant is a home automation platform running on Python 3. The goal of… 

  • 487
  • 191


Gobot is a framework for robotics, physical computing, and the Internet of… 

  • 2K
  • 63


The openHAB runtime is a set of OSGi bundles deployed on an OSGi framework… 

  • 2K
  • 130


The main goal of Mihini is to deliver an embedded runtime running on top of… 

  • 1.6K
  • 48


Lelylan is an IoT cloud platform based on a lightweight microservices… 

  • 3K
  • 139


Kura aims at offering a Java/OSGi-based container for M2M applications running… 

  • 752
  • 106


IoTivity is an open source software framework enabling seamless… 

  • 3.4K
  • 130


Freedomotic is an open source, flexible, secure Internet of Things (IoT)… 

  • 1.7K
  • 98

Eclipse Smarthome

The Eclipse SmartHome framework is designed to run on embedded devices, such as… 

  • 771
  • 142

Countly IoT Analytics

Countly is a general purpose analytics platform for mobile and IoT devices,… 

  • 2.9K
  • 14


Blynk is a platform for creating iOS and Android apps for connected things. You… 

  • 2.8K
  • 16


Astarte is an Open Source IoT platform written in Elixir. It is a turnkey… 

  • 598
  • 20

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