How Big is the Internet of Things?

People that look towards the future and can see that the Internet of Things is going to be huge are mostly right and kind of wrong. The future Internet of Things is going to be huge, that much is true, but just how big is it going to get. Most people don’t have an inkling as to how many things will be communicating, how fast the speeds can get and how much we’ll come to depend upon. However, those same people are also kind of wrong – because although the Internet of Things will be gargantuan in the future, it’s actually pretty big now. Most people don’t realize it because they just don’t pay close enough attention.

In case you’re not sure just what the Internet of Things actually is or what it is consist of in the future – the IOT is instant communication between just about everything in our lives for security, for health reasons and mostly to make our lives easier. This instant communication network is essentially the next incarnation of the internet, only the information superhighway will have a carpool lane for all of the electronics that we’ll soon be seeing all around us. From streetlights that think and learn to sunglasses that give you the news headlines, the Internet of Things is going to be enormous.

The Current IOT Situation

Right now, we don’t have a lot of “things” communicating with each other. Sure, your smartphone syncs up with your PC, your work computer and your car, but that’s only the beginning. Right now, our mobile data communication is mostly through our mobile devices. But that will change very soon.

The Future of the Internet of Things

The future has some pretty interesting possibilities when it comes to the IOT. Sensors are probably the most crucial part of this future. Making something “smart” requires that it is able to collect information first and foremost. Although a sensor isn’t really a machines, it doesn’t have to be. Your smartphone could interpret data that comes from sensors in your clothes, your home, your car and even embedded in the subcutaneous layers of the skin for better healthcare. The future IOT will depend upon sensors in a big way and soon every single application will be cloud-based to make use of these sensors and improving just about every aspect of our life.


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