Apache Mynewt is a real-time, modular operating system for connected IoT devices that need to operate for long periods of time under power, memory, and storage constraints. The first connectivity stack offered is BLE 4.2.

Built for wireless

Meet your application’s demands from a choice of open source networking stacks e.g. Bluetooth Low Energy 5, Bluetooth Mesh, Wi-Fi, LoRaWAN, and more…

  • Flexible, powerful BLE 5 implementation (NimBLE)
    • Full stack, host only, or controller only – your choice
    • Maximum throughput of 2Mbps
    • 32+ concurrent connections, multiple connections in simulatenous central and peripheral roles
  • LoRa PHY and LoRaWAN support
    • LoRa PHY radio / transceiver (SX1276)
    • LoRaWAN protocol for Class A and Class C endpoints
    • API for application use with a sample app
  • Bluetooth Mesh
    • Foundation Models (server role)
    • Provisioning bearers: PB-ADV and PB-GATT
    • Advertising and GATT bearers for message transport
    • Optional Relay and Proxy features
  • Native support for TCP/IP, UDP
  • Supports protocols for constrained networks e.g. CoAP and 6LoWPAN

Security from the start

Ensure security is built into the code as well as lifecycle management for your product.

  • Secure bootloader to verify firmware integrity and authenticity
  • Device identity for secure provisioning
  • Authenticated, authorized, and encrypted data transfers
  • Abstracted interface to leverage hardware security

Operations ready

Ready your IoT network of billions for remote monitoring, troubleshooting, management, and upgrade.

  • Image management module to enable efficient, failure-aware, and reliable remote firmware updates
  • Logging modules that can be invoked at various levels of granularity, including specialized reboot logs
  • Richly instrumented statistics modules for OS components and network interfaces
  • Easy to use sensor framework to plug in a variety of sensors
  • Auto-discovery and management using OIC1.1, the IoT platform standard from OCF (Open Connectivity Foundation)


Pick one MCU now. Migrate to another later.

  • Designed to be hardware agnostic – Cortex M0-M4 micro controllers, MIPS, RISC-V
  • Hardware Abstraction Layer (HAL) to provide a uniform interface for peripherals across various micro controllers
  • Board specific configurations are abstracted in Board Support Packages (BSP)

Easy to use

Compose, fine-tune, and build your image within hours or even minutes.

  • Hardware initialization in single configuration file for the chosen BSP
  • Initialization of service parameters in a single configuration file for the chosen module e.g. BLE controller
  • Smart package management and build using Newt Tool
  • Automatic configuration audits using Newt Tool

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