DreamFactory is a free open source REST API Platform for mobile, web and IoT Applications.

DreamFactory is the easiest way to automatically generate, publish, and manage REST API, convert SOAP to REST, and aggregate disparate data sources through a single API response.

Instant API creation

Integrate any SQL or NoSQL database, file storage system, or external HTTP or SOAP service and DreamFactory instantly generates a flexible, comprehensive, and fully documented REST API endpoint that’s ready to use. Focus on building your applications, not hand-coding APIs for every new development project.

Deep SQL support

DreamFactory provides the most comprehensive REST API for SQL databases. Features include automatically generated REST endpoints for data, schema, functions, stored procedures, and API parameters for complex filters, pagination, sorting, related table joins, virtual foreign keys, calculations, aggregation, rollback, commit, and more.

Data Mesh to combine unrelated databases

Create virtual foreign key relationships between tables in the same database or between completely different databases without altering your schema or writing any code. Create, read, update, or delete objects and related objects with a single API call.

Turn SOAP into REST

DreamFactory instantly turns any WSDL into a live, fully documented REST API. DreamFactory automatically converts the JSON request into SOAP, calls the legacy SOAP service, and then the SOAP response is converted back to JSON for the client application. DreamFactory also generates Live API Docs from the WSDL for testing.

Server-side scripting

Add business logic to your APIs to suit any business requirement. Supporting four scripting engines (NodeJS, PHP, Python, and V8JS), custom logic can be used to validate input parameters, transform responses to suit client requirements, and even call other APIs.

Rock-solid security

Securing APIs is difficult and time consuming. DreamFactory makes it easy with User Management, SSO Authentication, JSON Web Tokens (JWT), CORS, Role-Based Access Control on API endpoints, record-level permissions on data, OAuth, LDAP, Active Directory, SAML integration, and more.

Federated access and data governance

DreamFactory is a privacy-by-design product engineered to fold in the governance safeguards to keep your data compliant for regulations such as GDPR and HIPAA. Keep legal, audit, security and compliance departments happy while still delighting your engineering team with streamlined development.

Live API docs

DreamFactory automatically generates interactive API documentation for every connected data source. DreamFactory uses Swagger, the most popular open source project for API documentation. Live documentation allows you to try out different parameters and see the request and response before building an application. Learn more

Admin console

The admin console makes it easy to centrally manage the entire DreamFactory Platform, including your catalog of REST APIs, applications, scripts, security settings, users, roles, and more. All of the administrative capabilities are also exposed as a REST API in case you need to automate repetitive tasks.

Run anywhere

DreamFactory is a free, open source project that runs on Linux, Windows, and Mac OS X. DreamFactory is scalable, stateless, and portable. You can run it on private, public, or hybrid infrastructure and easily move your apps between servers. DreamFactory is easy to deploy with Docker, Kubernetes, Bitnami, or directly from GitHub source.

Application deployment

DreamFactory makes it easy to migrate your applications between development, test, and production environments. You can save a package file that stores all metadata settings for a specific application in JSON format. DreamFactory allows you to push package files between instances using either the REST API or the Admin Console for easy deployment.

API limits

DreamFactory makes it easy to centrally manage API limits across your entire organization. You can specify API rate limits at the instance, role, user, and endpoint level. Each DreamFactory instance is governed by API limits and automatically throttles API calls at runtime. API limits help protect against malicious attacks and manage costs at the critical API layer of your business.

Logging and reporting

DreamFactory comes with the popular ELK stack (Elastic, Logstash, and Kibana) for logging and reporting on API traffic. Kibana provides flexible reporting on all API calls with pre-configured dashboards segmented by instance, application, role, user, API endpoint, and more.

API publishing

DreamFactory makes it easy to publish your APIs for others to use. You can expose as many APIs and API keys as you need and apply flexible role-based access control to every API endpoint. DreamFactory makes it easy to API-enable your business with internal stakeholders, business partners, developers, end users, and anyone else who needs secure access to your API.

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