The Open Source Controller. is an IoT automation controller for home, office or any place. is an IoT automation controller for home, office or any place. Primarly this project was started to support MySensors. Later it was expanded to support other networks also. was designed to run with limited resources. For instance, it can run on the first generation Raspberry Pi.

Localization supports multiple languages. If you are interested in providing a translation for your native language, send a request via Transifex locale project

System Requirements is a very lightweight server. Its resource requirements are modest:

  • Disk : ~100 MB (may require more space, when we store metrics data for long time)
  • Memory(RAM) : 256 MB
  • Java : 1.8 or later
Supported Platforms (tested) is a Java-based application server. It can run on any platform where Java support is available.

  • Linux
  • Windows
  • Orange PI
  • Raspberry PI (Oracle Java recommended)

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