OLinuXino is a series of open-source software and open-source hardware cards developed and manufactured by Olimex LTD. Tables of the OLinuXino family can be built with components suitable for industrial (-40 + 85) C or commercial (0-70) temperature range. Different OLinuXino boards use processors from different manufacturers: Allwinner, Freescale etc.

OLinuXino boards are entirely open source, and you have access to all CAD files and sources and can reuse them for your personal or commercial projects. This brings security to your company, you own everything, and you control it. There are no restrictions for the production and sale of your projects or maps in your applications.

We are committed to the sustainability of our products. Most of our boards produce as much time as possible. We also have an agreement with Allwinner to promote sustainability. We can buy obsolete Allwinner chips if we order at least 50,000 units. This allows us to produce the board longer than other manufacturers. The average life of an Allwinner chip is 8 to 12 months. However, we continue to create cards with chips such as Allwinner A10 and Allwinner A13 – chips that have been declared obsolete in 2014 and are no longer available when purchased. We still order these chips and continue to produce them with A10 and A13 cards and will continue to order them. We only sell winning chips in our online shop: customers who choose the same OLinuXino have access to small quantities of chips.

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